Japan Foundation at Japan Matsuri

6 October 2012 from 11.00am

Trafalgar Square, London 

The Japan Foundation will be holding a stall at the Japan Matsuri, London’s annual celebration of Japanese culture.

Come and visit us to learn more about what we can offer to learners and teachers of Japanese language, take part in a Japan Quiz and maybe even grab some Japanese goodies!

You can view more details about Japan Matsuri here.


Celebrations in Chinatown

Oggi con alcuni amici siamo andati nel centro di Londra per festeggiare il Capodanno Chinese in Chinatown. Volevo fare molte foto, specialmente ai dragoni, ma non sono riuscito a farne neanche una perche’ schiacciato dalla folla che evidentemente aveva deciso di fare la stessa cosa. Qualche giorno fa’, comunque, avevo fatto qualche foto in Chinatown ed anche se non molto belle ve le mostro.

Today with a group of friends I went to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. I had planned to take many pictures, being the dragons my favourite subjects, but in the end I did not take one photo as the place was overcrowded and I tend to get very annoyed and nervous when pushed by people. However, few days ago I went to Chinatown and I took some picture of the dragons and, even if not very nice, I ‘ll shaw them to you.

Per evitare la confusione ci siamo diretti verso Trafalgar Square dove erano previsti altri eventi come danze tradizionali e musica. Questa volta sono riuscito a fare qualche foto, anche se, da lontano perche’ volevo evitare la ressa.

In order to avoid further stress we headed to Trafalgar Square where other events such as traditional dances and music had been planned. This time I managed to take some pictures, even though, from distance as I wanted to avoid the crowd.

Dopo circa un’ora il nostro Capodanno Cinese e’ finito e ci siamo diretti al pub per festeggiare l’anno del coniglio con alcune birre.

After about an hour we decided that it was about time to carry on ours celebrations in a pub with few beers.