Ho deciso!

Inizio un’altra volta a studiare Giapponese. Lo so, non e’ la prima volta che scrivo su questo Blog che riprendo a studiare Giapponese pero’ questa volta sono determinato . Da domani??? un’ ora di studio al giorno. Vediamo come va a finire questo piano poco realistico. A presto un aggiornamento dei miei progressi.

I’ve taken a very important decision! From tomorrow I’ll start again to study Japanese. I know… it is not the first time that I mention on this Blog that I want to start again Japanese but this time I’m very determined. To start, 1 hour per day of revision. I’ll soon inform you on my progress.

Japanese language

The post on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test published few days ago reminded me of what I had planned before the beginning of the year as part of my New Year’s Resolution, learn Japanese. Well… let me tell you that, as usual, after a good start I kind of stopped studying the language. The Japanese girl I’ve been dating is trying to push me to study and is happy to help me but I think that it wouldn’t work, I want a girlfriend not a teacher. I need to find a way of keeping myself motivated. Any ideas?