Call Girls part 1

I recently read a book on Thai prostitutes and found their stories and views on their job very interesting.

Bee, 31 years old.

‘I was 25 years old. I was not a virgin. I was not stupid. In Thailand I made 8,000 baht a month working in a shopping mall. As a call girl (in England) I could make 8,000 baht a day. What would you do?’

It makes me wonder what people would do if they could get in a day what they make in a month. Would you work as prostitute? I doubt I would but I suppose in certain cases it could be the best option.


10 Sinful Cities

According to Traveler’s Digest

10. Full Moon Parties, Koh Phangan Island,Thailand
Bungalows range from $2 to $20, but who wants to sleep when over 10,000 tourists flock to Haad Rin Beach, where drinks are free-pouring and DJs are spinning the best in hip-hop, techno, rap, and reggae. For show (i.e. when you are drunk and delirious by the beach), jugglers and fire-eaters entertain the crowd.

 9. Monaco
If you really want to live like a true player, then visit this grandiose and charming principality in Europe that many call the continent’s most fascinating vacation spot. Get ready to abuse the checkbook though. Did you really think royalty cuts corners?

 8. Ios, Greece
How could you omit the Greek Islands? Where generally sane, well-mannered folks congregate only to go crazy, get drunk, dance on tables and deprive themselves of sleep and all other things pure?

 7. Gold Cost, Australia
Surf’s up! Sex and alcohol blend in a wonderful orgy of vices. The Gold Coast also offers the tourists the first topless car wash alongside the Best Beauty Down Under Contest. Imagine that; beautiful girls put coins in parking meters so you can party more — it’s only fair at $13 a car wash.

 6. Goa, India (November and February)
New age enlightenment for the twenty-something crowd. Flights could fetch as much as $1000, but at $8 per room, you will have enough spending money to fly like a kite. A stay here will give new meaning to decadence. You thought Aerosmith was reckless in the 1970s? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

 5. Gatecrasher, England
Very few music festivals match the energy, adrenaline and debauchery levels shown in the Sheffield area Festival at the monstrous and epic Gatecrasher; where Trance meets Techno meets Electronica (meets sweat, drugs and alcohol). If you have ever had the fortune of visiting this event, you know what we’re talking about.

 4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
You have to hand it to the Dutch. As hard as it might be to believe, some locals felt that the Red Light District was not organized or structured enough to greet the World’s Best. So lo and behold comes the annual Cannabis Cup in mid-November. For the recoveringtourists, visit the Seksmuseum.

 3. Las Vegas, Nevada
Okay, the original sin city has disrupted marriages before they even began, torn families apart, and probably ended a few lives ominously. What else could you possibly ask for? Oh and it’s also the setting of many a great movie about partying hardy.

 2. New Orleans, Louisiana
The city’s spicy food is great, its historic blues music is even better, its lax (more like nonexistent) drinking laws are a lifesaver as bars are open 24 hours a day. This sin city has rapidly dislodged and out-Vegased Las Vegas… no small feat. Of course, it helps to have a Mardi Gras, a.k.a show your boobs for my beads event in the streets.

 1. Pattaya, Thailand
Government officials refer to their city as the “Sexual Disneyland”; the mantra is “if you can suck it, use it, eat it, feel it, taste it or abuse it, Pattaya never sleeps and it is the best resort for you.” Three million visitors flock here every year to partake in casual sex and sexual freedom in the city’s 275 hotels and 35,000 rooms (which range between $10 to $80 a night).

Pattaya Firework Show

The International Fireworks Competition will take place on Pattaya Beach from 16-17 December and will feature a 3km stretch of fireworks in honour of the 84th Birthday of His Majesty the King. Eight countries will be involved in the two day event which will include a special display featuring fireworks which will explode at a height of 600 meters.

Flooding situation has become more stable

28 November 2011

Flood waters have receded in most of the affected areas of Thailand’s central region and cleanup operations have taken place. Central Bangkok has remained dry. Flood waters are receding in many of the outlying districts of greater Bangkok. State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and inter-provincial bus services are now operating as per normal.

Provinces in the north and northeast of Thailand were not affected by the flood. In the central region, tourist destinations such as Hua Hin and Pattaya were also not affected by the flood.

The flood in the central region did not affect provinces in the south. Some southern provinces are experiencing localized flooding due to seasonal rains. Tourist attractions in the south are not affected except for water-related activities in mountainous areas.

Almost all key tourist destinations and attractions throughout Thailand were not affected by the flood. The main tourist attraction affected was the World Heritage Site in Ayutthaya, where the water receded in early November. The site has been cleaned up and is open to tourists. A few parts of the World Heritage Site require restoration, which the Fine Arts Department is doing in close co-operation with UNESCO.

As the flooding situation has become more stable, the TAT will provide further situation updates as needed to reflect changing conditions.

Situation in Bangkok
Central Bangkok remains dry. Areas still flooded in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area include suburbs in the east and west, the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, and districts in the northern part of the city.

In central Bangkok, businesses, hotels, shops and tourist attractions are open as per normal in areas including:

Chatuchak Ratchaprasong (Central World area)
Khao San Road Sathorn
Phetchaburi Road Siam Square/ MBK/ Siam Paragon
Ploenchit/ Chidlom Silom/ Surawongse
Pratunam Sukhumvit Road/ The Emporium
Rama I Road Yaowarat (Chinatown)
Rama IV Road Siam Park City

Tourists who want to check the latest conditions can call the TAT Information Line at 1672 or visit TAT’s official Web site for flood information: Travel service operators can also provide additional information.

The BTS Skytrain and MRT subway are operating normally. Taxis and tuk tuks are available as per normal. Some BMTA bus routes are still rerouted or suspended due to the flooding. Express boat services on the Chao Phraya River have largely resumed.


State Railway of Thailand and inter-provincial bus services:
State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and inter-provincial bus services are operating as per normal. All train services from Bangkok to northern, northeastern, and southern Thailand now operate from Hua Lamphong Station. Inter-provincial buses leave their regular terminals in Bangkok: the Southern Bus Terminal, also known as Sai Tai Mai; and the Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal.

Suvarnabhumi Airport:
Suvarnabhumi Airport, the main international gateway to Thailand, remains open and will not be affected by the flood. Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main connector for international arrivals to domestic flights serving tourist destinations throughout Thailand. Transportation to and from the airport into central Bangkok including taxis, buses and the Airport Rail Link are operating normally.

Attractions in Ayutthaya are open:
Flood waters have subsided in Ayutthaya and cleanup operations are largely complete. Tourist attractions in Ayutthaya including the World Heritage Site are accessible to tourists. The site will be officially reopened once a detailed inspection by the Fine Arts Department is complete.

Most attractions in Ayutthaya are now open and welcoming visitors, including:

Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal
Chankasem National Museum
Chao Sam Phraya National Museum
Phom Phet (The Diamond Fort)
Phra Chedi Sisuriyothai
Wat Lokkaya Suttha
Wat Mahathat
Wat Na Phra Men Ayutthaya
Wat Phanan Choeng Worawihan, Ayutthaya
Wat Phanom Yong
Wat Phra Ram
Wat Phra Si Sanphet
Wat Phu Khao Thong and King Naresuan Monument
Wat Phutthaisawan
Wat Ratchaburana Ayutthaya
Wat Ratchapraditsathan
Wat Senasanaram Ratchaworawihan
Wat Thammikarat
Wat Tum, Ayutthaya
Wat Wora Pho
Wat Yai Chaimongkol

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