Coriolanus: A Talk by Globe to Globe Festival Director Tom Bird

5 April 2012

4:30 – 5:30pm, followed by a drinks reception to 6:30pm

Daiwa Foundation Japan House

Chiten theatre company brings the first ever Japanese production to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a unique event in the history of Japanese art in the UK.

This celebrated company from Kyoto works under the direction of one of Japan’s most imaginative artists, Motoi Miura. Known for its minimalist and avant-garde vision, the company produces an expressive theatre rooted in the exploration of words, sound and the human body. Originally formed in Tokyo, Chiten moved to Kyoto in 2005. Under the directorship of Motoi Miura, the company is particularly celebrated for its highly contemporary stagings of the works of Chekhov.

Coriolanus is Shakespeare’s greatest political play. The competing claims of democracy and aristocracy are conveyed in harsh and stony language and with relentless speed and single-mindedness. At its heart, however, there unfolds a personal tragedy of one man’s emotional blindness.

Coriolanus is one of the productions within Globe to Globe – all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays in 37 different languages in a kaleidoscopic, six-week festival at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The Globe to Globe Festival starts on 21 April 2012, with Coriolanus being performed by the Chiten theatre company on 21 and 22 May. For more information, visit:

Tom Bird, Director of the Globe to Globe Festival at Shakespeare’s Globe, will discuss his job over the last one and a half years of putting together the world’s largest and most ambitious Shakespeare festival – including the challenges, adventures and characters he’s encountered on the way. In particular he will discuss his travels in Japan and the Globe’s relationship with Chiten in a special event held at Daiwa Foundation Japan House.

Tom Bird

Tom Bird is Director of the Globe to Globe Festival at Shakespeare’s Globe. In producing the festival, he has travelled the world from Armenia to Zanzibar in search of Shakespeare. He has worked for the Globe since 2007. Previous employment includes work for the ground-breaking physical theatre festival Aurora Nova at Edinburgh and for a number of music groups, most notably the Northern Sinfonia. Tom’s roots are in the north-east, and as a playwright he is a regular contributor to Live Theatre’s Short Cutsevents in Newcastle. His short play Kaz and the Cootswas recorded for the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival in 2009. He was educated at the universities of Edinburgh and Copenhagen.