TAT to hold Miracle of Thai Food and Fruit Festival 2012


BANGKOK, 16 May 2012 (NNT) – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is set to host the ‘Miracle of Thai Food and Fruit Festival 2012’ with over 40 booths selling products from across the country in order to stimulate the country’s tourism and economy.

The Miracle of Thai Food and Fruit Festival 2012 will feature Thai food from four regions, popular Thai food among locals and foreigners, as well as seasonal fruit.

CNNGo has previously ranked Thai food among the 50 most delicious dishes in the world, with Massaman Curry topping the list at number 1, followed by Tom Yum Goong at number 8, Nam Tok Moo at 19 and Som Tam at number 46. Thus, the TAT will help Thai entrepreneurs in boosting the economy by promoting food which are well-known among foreigners.

The TAT expects that the organization of this event will also stimulate the country’s tourism as well as the economy. The overall spending by the event’s visitors last year stood at 30 billion baht. Meanwhile, a 10% growth has been estimated for this year.

The Miracle of Thai Food and Fruit Festival 2012 will be held during 25-27 May at Central World.

Thai Fruit Festival


May – July 2011

Throughout Thailand, a vast selection of fresh fruits are available all year round. However for a taste of the very best of Thai fruits, the height of the summer in May and June is the peak season. During this time of the year, a delightful assortment of exotic Thai fruits come into season.

Crispy and crunchy raw mango or ripe mangos juicy and full of flavour; sweet and fragrant bananas and custard apples; succulent fragrant longkong and zalacca; tangy thirst-quenching langsat and mangosteens; sweet rambutans, longans and jackfruit with thick, fleshy pulp; and rich, creamy durians. Refreshing and nutritious choices abound.

As succulent fruits ripen on the trees and are ready for harvest, fruit orchards in many of the eastern provinces of Thailand such as Chanthaburi, Rayong and Trat are open to visitors, presenting wonderful opportunities for private tours of the orchards and plantations, and agrotourism. Several offer fresh fruit buffets and ‘all-you can eat and pick’ at irresistible prices.

With a ready supply of freshly-picked fruits from the nearby orchards throughout the summer months from May to July, the annual ‘Fruit Festivals’ feature a vast array of quality local produce considered to be the provinces’ “best” and are the perfect place to savour the very best of a great variety of fresh Thai fruits, as well as locally processed fruit.

The annual fruit festival is extremely popular and attracts visitors from miles around because it provides a welcome opportunity to shop for products of exceptional quality, at truly bargain prices.

Colourful entertainment presents an added plus. In addition to contests such as the Fruit Festival Parade featuring a procession of floats decorated with fruit, the “Best Float”, creatively decorated with fruit, fruit contests including quality product contests such as “Best Fruits” (durian, rambutan, mangosteen and longkong), “Best Processed Fruits”. Other highlights include demonstrations of food-processing, fruit-eating contests, and the ever-popular beauty contest.

As the various types of fruits come into season at different intervals throughout the year, many other fruit fairs are held around the kingdom.

In addition to the sales of freshly-picked fruit, fruit contests, displays of agricultural and horticultural produce and sales of local handicrafts and products from each of the villages promoted under the OTOP – One Tambon One Product theme, the procession of colourful floats decorated with fruit and flowers paraded through the streets, beauty pageants, cultural performances and folk entertainment add to the festive ambience of the events.

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