Folk Music Japan: a celebration for Tohoku

Monday 1 August 2011, 7pm
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS

Admission £5 (£2 of each ticket will go to a charity for Tohoku disaster relief)

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The moving, masterful DUO (Shunsuke Kimura and Etsuro Ono), fresh from their performance at WOMAD, play Tsugaru shamisen and shinobue flute. Ono-san and his family live near Sendai in the heart of the disaster area.

DUO are preceded by a set of song and dance from Tohoku. The ensemble is led by Yoshihiro Endo (shakuhachi) and Yoshie Asano-Campbell (vocal & dance).

Audience participation will also be encouraged!

The wondrous music of DUO can be heard

Japan’s disaster-ridden northeast (Tohoku) is the country’s most famous folk music region. All the performers in this concert have close links with the traditions of Tohoku, and are delighted to be able to contribute in a small way via this event.

Ono-san, his wife and young children luckily suffered only loss of services and shortage of food. Kimura-san has studied the folk flute traditions of the region, some of which are from coastal villages in Iwate which have basically been destroyed.

Yoshie Asano-Campbell, who studied for years in Tohoku and now lives in Glasgow, is a specialist in the songs and dances of the region. Yoshihiro Endo (shakuhachi) also performs melodies from the northeast.

Among the backing performers, David Hughes (retired SOAS Music lecturer) has lived for a half year in Iwate and has often visited the region for research on folk song and on the ritual musics and dances whose continued performance may add so much encouragement to the residents of the destroyed villages.

Sylvia Vale has travelled in the northeast to learn several folk songs.

PLEASE come and support this important event.

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