Ascetica or Publish?

After having spent few hours going through the free themes available for WordPress users I shortlisted Able, Ascetica, Publish and Runo Lite. At present I’m not sure if to use Ascetica or Publish but I think I’ll try Ascetica and if not fully satisfied I’ll change again in the next few days.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Ascetica or Publish?

  1. I like Able, it’s a beautiful theme, but wanted something different then the standard nav bar, as well as that I wanted footer widgets. Able also uses full posts for archive views, which I find difficult to look through posts. It is a cool theme though. It would be nice if you could choose with themes whether you show full posts or excerpts for archive views. Who knows in the future.

    Publish, although beautiful as well, was to minimalistic for my needs. I ended up going with Ascetica. I like it a lot, and am genuinely impressed.

  2. Hi WDC and thank you very much for your feedback.
    What a coincidence! You wrote your comment when I was about to change the Theme of this Blog. I now happily use Publish.

    Ps I think Ascetica suits your Blog, well done!

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