Flags’ Race round 1

Welcome to the first round of this fantastic flags’ race.

The Race is organised and sponsored by 5countries.wordpress.com and and all nations in the world can take part in this competition. So far 114 countries have take part in this race and many more will join in in the next few weeks/months. The overall winner of the competition is the country that after 12 races has more points. The point system works as follow:

  1. 24 points
  2. 22 points
  3. 20 points
  4. 18 points
  5. 16 points
  6. 14 points
  7. 12 points
  8. 10 points
  9. 8 points
  10. 6 p0ints
  11. 4 points
  12. 2 points

According to the bookies the favourite nation to win the Race is USA even if at the present Italy is leading the ranking followed by the UK. In addition to the favourites there are smaller countries that have been working very hard to score points, countries such as Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Singapore. While Spain and Poland, after a good start, have dropped position Philippines after a low start have managed to get points. Which nation will be the overall winner? Time will tell, for the moment for updated information of the nation taking part in this Race and ranking click here.

After the first Race the ranking is as follow:

  1. Italy
  2. UK
  3. USA
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Japan
  6. Canada
  7. Australia
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. Germany
  10. Philippines
  11. Indonesia
  12. Singapore