Japan 2 New Zealand 1

Japan beat New Zealand in women’s World Cup opener in Germany. Yiki Nagasato opened the scoring after 6 minutes but almost immediately New Zealand equalised with Hearn. A free-kick from Miyama in the second half gave Japan a desserved win.

Il Giappone ha battuto la Nuova Zelanda per 2 a 1 nel primo incontro del Modiale femminile che si disputa in Germania. Le reti sono state segnate da Nagasato dopo 6 minuti per il Giappone e da Hearn subito dopo per il momentaneo pareggio della Nuova Zelanda. Il gol della vittoria e’ stato segnato da Miyama su calcio di punizione nel secondo tempo.


Thai Fruit Festival


May – July 2011

Throughout Thailand, a vast selection of fresh fruits are available all year round. However for a taste of the very best of Thai fruits, the height of the summer in May and June is the peak season. During this time of the year, a delightful assortment of exotic Thai fruits come into season.

Crispy and crunchy raw mango or ripe mangos juicy and full of flavour; sweet and fragrant bananas and custard apples; succulent fragrant longkong and zalacca; tangy thirst-quenching langsat and mangosteens; sweet rambutans, longans and jackfruit with thick, fleshy pulp; and rich, creamy durians. Refreshing and nutritious choices abound.

As succulent fruits ripen on the trees and are ready for harvest, fruit orchards in many of the eastern provinces of Thailand such as Chanthaburi, Rayong and Trat are open to visitors, presenting wonderful opportunities for private tours of the orchards and plantations, and agrotourism. Several offer fresh fruit buffets and ‘all-you can eat and pick’ at irresistible prices.

With a ready supply of freshly-picked fruits from the nearby orchards throughout the summer months from May to July, the annual ‘Fruit Festivals’ feature a vast array of quality local produce considered to be the provinces’ “best” and are the perfect place to savour the very best of a great variety of fresh Thai fruits, as well as locally processed fruit.

The annual fruit festival is extremely popular and attracts visitors from miles around because it provides a welcome opportunity to shop for products of exceptional quality, at truly bargain prices.

Colourful entertainment presents an added plus. In addition to contests such as the Fruit Festival Parade featuring a procession of floats decorated with fruit, the “Best Float”, creatively decorated with fruit, fruit contests including quality product contests such as “Best Fruits” (durian, rambutan, mangosteen and longkong), “Best Processed Fruits”. Other highlights include demonstrations of food-processing, fruit-eating contests, and the ever-popular beauty contest.

As the various types of fruits come into season at different intervals throughout the year, many other fruit fairs are held around the kingdom.

In addition to the sales of freshly-picked fruit, fruit contests, displays of agricultural and horticultural produce and sales of local handicrafts and products from each of the villages promoted under the OTOP – One Tambon One Product theme, the procession of colourful floats decorated with fruit and flowers paraded through the streets, beauty pageants, cultural performances and folk entertainment add to the festive ambience of the events.

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Japanese women

According to this survey Japanese men consider the following behaviours/traits very important factors in a girlfriend…

1. She links arms with you
2. She makes you bento (lunch box)
3. She does her best to help out in your daily life
4. She asks “Do you love me?”
5. She always spends the weekend with you
6. She asks “What were you doing?” if you don’t see her for a day
7. She wants to accompany you everywhere
8. She cleans your room for you
9. She does her best to match her hobbies to yours
10. She’s jealous of your last girlfriend

Personally, I find all 10 behaviours/traits very annoying and I would not last very long with a girl that matches most of them. Do you agree with me or with Japanese men?

Taste Japan! Charity for Tohoku!

Taste Japan! Charity for Tohoku!

17 June 2011 from 6.00pm

As Japan struggles to fight against the consequences of the Tohoku earthquake on March 11, which has been designated as the most devastating disaster since World War II, this event aims to raise funds and awareness while enjoying quality Japanese food, sweets and sake (rice wine).

Event contents:
-Tasting Japanese Sake, Food and Sweets
-Short story about Japanese Sake and Food  (Rie Yoshitake, Sake Samurai Association UK representative)
-Screening of a movie made by people in Tohoku
-Japanese traditional music (Japanese drums and shamisen).

The Japan Foundation, London
Russell Square House, 10-12 Russell Square
London WC1B 5EH

Booking: Not essential, but early bird offer requires booking.
Entrance Fee :£10 (early bird), booking required from here.
£15 (on the door)

All proceeds go to the Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

Free for under 15s

For more information, please click here.