World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow

La Giapponese Miki Ando ha vinto i Campionati Mondiali di pattinaggio figura in Russia  davanti alla campionessa Coreana Yu Na Kim e all’Italiana Carolina Kostner. La Giapponese Ando dedica la medaglia ed il successo al popolo Giapponese  che ha tanto sofferto per i recenti terremoti.

Moscow, Russia – Miki Ando of Japan claimed the women’s title at the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships. Second place for the Olympic Champion Kim Yu Na from South Korea and third place for Italian Carolina Kostner. Miki Ando states “This time I was skating for Japan, it was a tribute to the Japanese people who suffered in the disaster,” said Ando. “Maybe I was able to bring back a little smile to the people of Japan.”

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