Dopo un periodo molto lungo in cui quasi tutti i post di questo Blog si riferivano al terremoto in Giappone, in questo breve articolo faccio un piccolo resoconto del fine settimana appena trascorso.

Weekend molto bello sotto tutti i punti di vista a partire dal clima, ottimo. Venerdi` dopo il lavoro ho trascorso la giornata, con molti amici, al pub. Ottima compagnia, molto divertimento anche se, come spesso accade con amici Inglesi, troppe birre mandate giu`nello stomaco. Sabato mattina passato a recuperare le energie per la serata da trascorrere in un ristorante Coreano con una ragazza Giapponese conosciuta di recente in uno Starbucks. Ottimo cibo e ottima compagnia. Serata conclusa con la promessa di uscire di nuovo, e` interessata a visitare il British Museum. Domenica? Beh, niente di speciale, ho riposato tutto il giorno.

After a long period in which most of the posts of this Blog had, as main topic, the situation in Japan and the earthquake I decide to write a short post on something different, the weekend just gone.

Last weekend was very good in many different ways. To start, the weather was very good. Friday, after work, I went to pub with a big group of friends. We had a very long session and, as you can imagine, many beers ended up in ours bellies. I spent too much money but I had a great afternoon/evening out. Saturday morning was spent to try to recover from hung-over in order to go to a date with a Japanese girl I had recently met in a Starbucks. Met up at a nice Korean restaurant where we had good food and excellent time together. Next meeting the British Museum, I think. Sunday? Well… not much, all day resting.

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