World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow

La Giapponese Miki Ando ha vinto i Campionati Mondiali di pattinaggio figura in Russia  davanti alla campionessa Coreana Yu Na Kim e all’Italiana Carolina Kostner. La Giapponese Ando dedica la medaglia ed il successo al popolo Giapponese  che ha tanto sofferto per i recenti terremoti.

Moscow, Russia – Miki Ando of Japan claimed the women’s title at the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships. Second place for the Olympic Champion Kim Yu Na from South Korea and third place for Italian Carolina Kostner. Miki Ando states “This time I was skating for Japan, it was a tribute to the Japanese people who suffered in the disaster,” said Ando. “Maybe I was able to bring back a little smile to the people of Japan.”

Nihon Kizuna

Worldwide artists contribute to Nihon Kizuna music compilation in aid of Japan disaster relief effort

Over 40 international artists have donated music for the Nihon Kizuna compilation in aid of the Japan disaster relief effort. Nihon Kizuna, or 日本絆 in Japanese roughly translates as ‘bond of friendship with Japan’.

Following the earthquake and tsunami which devastated the northern coast and prefectures of Japan on Friday March 11th 2011, a small group of Tokyo-based artists (from Japan, Ukraine and France) and one visiting London-based journalist (from Italy) decided to pull their efforts and contacts together to do the only thing they could to help the country and its people – sell music to raise awareness of the devastation that hit the area and raise money for its people and the relief effort.

Udine Far East Film Festival

Far East Film 13

L’edizione 2011 si aprirà venerdì 29 aprile presentando una sessantina di nuovissimi titoli dall’Estremo Oriente e due sezioni speciali: L’ASIA RIDE! (Asia Laughs!), una pioneristica retrospettiva sulla commedia pan-asiatica, e un piccante excursus nella storia del PINK EIGA dagli anni Sessanta ai giorni nostri.

Far East Film Festival, in 9 giornate di programmazione presenterà oltre 60 nuovissime pellicole in arrivo da Cina, Hong Kong, Corea del Sud, Giappone, Thailandia, Indonesia, Malesia, Filippine, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan e, new entry,Mongolia.

Una panoramica a 360 gradi, curata dal Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, sulla produzione popolare e di genere che incontra i gusti del grande pubblico dell’altra parte del globo indagando, ancora una volta, un universo produttivo tra i più originali, artisticamente frizzanti e economicamente più esplosivi dell’intero pianeta.

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Daiwa Foundation Tohoku Scholarships

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation announces the launch of a £250,000 scholarship fund to support Japanese students whose lives and studies have been affected by the 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in the north east of Japan. Scholarships will be made available to undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral students from the Tohoku region for study at universities in the UK. In the aftermath of this terrible disaster in Japan and in keeping with the educational objects of the Foundation, we hope that these new scholarships will contribute to the future of young people in the region. The Daiwa Foundation Tohoku Scholarships are being organised in partnership with the British Council in Tokyo. Further details and application procedures will be available shortly.

Korean Film Night

Sakwa (2008)

Kang Yi-kwan

7:00pm, April 28 2011
Genre: Drama

Cast: Moon So-ri, Kim Tae-woo, Lee Sun-kyun
*Sakwa is homonym of apple and apology in Korean.

Hyun-jung’s first love of seven years, Min-suk, has coldly left her. A man named Sang-hoon appears with a business card and a bouquet of flowers. Hyun-jung breaks down into tears and decides to marry Sang-hoon with the belief that no one in this world con love her as much. After their marriage, two conflicting views of love collide. During this division, Min-suk reappears unable to erase her memories and confesses his love for her. Hyun-jung is left a state of confusion. (KOFIC)

Multi Purpose Hall, KCCUK



Che palle! Qui a Londra non si fa altro che parlare del ‘matrimonio del secolo’, non c’e via di scampo. Settimana prossima ci sara’ un gran casino tra feste e celebrazioni varie piu’ il numero di turisti giunti apposta per l’evento. Come mi piacerebbe fosse gia’ Maggio.

I’m bored and annoyed! There isn’t escape from the Royal Wedding. Everybody, in London, is talking about it and I don’t want to think about next week when parties and various celebrations start. I wish I could speed up time, I wish we were in May.