BBC World Service Poll

BBC World Service Poll per il 2011 prende in considerazione 4 paesi (Giappone, Corea del Sud, Regno Unito e Italia) di cui parlo su questo Blog su 5 (Thailandia unica non inclusa) e ne analizza l’influenza a livello mondiale sia positiva che negativa. Tutti e 4 i paesi risultano essere considerati in modo piuttosto positivo, Italia inclusa. Nonostante tutti i problemi causati da Berlusconi siamo ancora considerati a livello nazionale in modo piuttosto positivo. Pubblico parte del Poll ( in Inglese qui sotto).

The BBC World Service Country Rating Poll has been tracking opinions about country influence in the world since 2005. The latest results are based on 2 8,619 in-home or telephone interviews conducted across a total of 27 countries by the internatio nal polling firm GlobeScan, together with the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland. GlobeScan coordinated fieldwork between December 2, 2010 and February 4, 2011.


Japan continues to have very favourable ratings globally in 2011, and those have improved since 2010. On average, among the 24 tracking countries surveyed in both 2010 and 2011, 57 per cent of people have a positive opinion of Japan’s influence in the world, which represents a four per cent increase over 2010. Only one in five holds a negative view (21% in 2010). Twenty-five countries lean positive, and two negative.

United Kingdom

Globally, views of the United Kingdom have improved markedly since 2010: 58 per cent say that British influence in the world is positive. This is notably more positive than in 2010 when 53 per cent held this opinion in the 24 tracking countries. Over the same period, negative views decreased by two per cent, down to 17 per cent. At a country level, views are positive in almost all countries. Of the 27 countries polled, 24 lean positive, two lean negative, and one is divided.

The European Union

The European Union’s global influence rating improved in 2011. On average, 57 per cent of people in the 25 tracking countries give positive views. This went up four points since 2010, while proportions of negative views continued to be low and stable at 18 per cent. Among the 27 countries surveyed in 2011, 26 lean positive and only one leans negative (Pakistan).

All EU members have majorities with positive views of the EU: Italy is the most favourable country within the Union (73%), closely followed by France and Germany (70% and 69%, respectively).

South Korea

In the second year it was measured, world opinion about South Korea improved a little. In the 24- country tracking average, the proportion of people having favourable views of South Korea’s influence went up four points to 36 per cent, while the proportion rating it negatively remained stable at 32 per cent. Twelve countries hold positive views, seven hold negative views, and eight are divided.

All information taken from BBC

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