Japanese Films in London

Another interesting event organised by the Japanese Foundation, ‘Back to the Future: Japanese Cinema since the Mid-90s’

We are delighted to announce details of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2011:

Back to the Future: Japanese Film Since the Mid-90s which serves up a feast of films from directors who can be credited with playing a major part in creating the current popularity of Japanese cinema around the world.

Full details of the film line-up and the hosting venues can be found on the Japan Foundation website here.


This event is free to attend but booking is essential. To reserve a place, please email your name and those of any guests, as well as the title of the event you would like to attend to event@jpf.org.uk.


Japan Foundation, London


Image: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (Dir: Isshin Inudo, 2003)





Yakuza Moon

Today I started to read a book written by Shoko Tendo ‘Yakuza Moon‘ which I found among others in a box I had left under my bed and that I had read before but I kind of forgotten. The book is a sort of autobiography which tells the tragic events occurring in the lives of the author from a difficult childhood, having a gangster father, to the years spent as a gang member and the drugs abuse as teenager to finish with the difficult and abusive relationships with men during early adulthood. The book was well received in Japan and became a best-seller and even media and critics praised the book with comments such as ‘Born a yakuza’s daughter, by her teens plunged into a world of sex and drugs, tattooed in her twenties… Tendo’s eyes have the knowing sparkle of someone who has been to hell and back.’ – Josei Seven.

Oggi ho iniziato a leggere un libro scritto da Shoko Tendo ‘Yakuza Moon‘ che avevo letto qualche anno fa’ ed avevo lasciato in uno scatolone sotto al letto. La storia del libro, praticamente autobiografica, racconta le drammatiche vicende della vita dell’autore nel corso degli anni. Il libro inizia con l’infanzia, caratterizzata dal essere figlia di un gangster, per poi raccontare la trascorsa vita nelle gangs ed il consumo di droghe come teenager,e  per finire racconta come da giovane adulta sia stata vittima di relazioni complesse e difficili con gli uomini. Il libro e’ molto bello ed e’ stato accolto molto bene in Giappone dove e’ diventato un best-seller.

The author, Shoko Tendo, with her tattoos, book and daughter.

Beyond Boundaries: Japanese Performing Arts for a New Generation

For those interested in art this event looks promising.

The contemporary Japanese cultural scene has embraced a drastic change of direction since the beginning of the new millennium, largely due to the upsurge of Otaku culture and its influence upon many art forms including performing arts.

However, while we can observe a marked change in the cultural landscape during the last decade, the current batch of artists are the latest example of a generation in Japan exploring and creating a cultural scene which reflects their current reality.

In this illustrative lecture, Atsushi Sasaki, a Japanese critic whose interests and knowledge easily cross between many disciplines, from music and philosophy to theatre and subculture, will examine the most critical Japanese cultural scenes to appear since the turn of the millennium and introduce the diverse forms and expressions used by Japanese performing artists such as faifai, an emerging performing arts group which aims to transform the perception of theatre into a type of pop culture.

This event will serve as a guide to the current frontline and emerging trends and players in Japanese performing arts, while also looking to what the future of where these new movements may lead.

Chinese New Year 2011

According to the Chinese calendar, which consists of both Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems, Chinese New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February. The year 2011 (rabbit) begins February 3 and after many years without taking part in the celebration this year I’m planning to join the crowd in central London. I hope to have fun and to take many pictures to publish on this Blog.

La data di inizio del nuovo anno Cinese varia ma, generalmente, e’ compresa nel periodo che va da Gennaio alla fine di Febbraio. Nel 2011 il giorno di inizio e’ il 3 di Febbraio, anno del coniglio. Sono parecchi anni che non prendo parte ai festeggiamenti e alle celebrazioni che si svolgono cosi’ ho deciso che questa volta’ mi rechero’ nella zona centrale per festeggiare con il gran numero di Cinesi residenti a Londra questo importante evento. Spero di riuscire a fare parecchie foto da pubblicare su questo Blog.